Things I Hate!


Customer Service Related  
  • Customer No Service!
  • When you call and spend valuable time typing in your account number and other information and then when you finally get a human - they ask you for all that information again!
  • When you're on hold for a long time and the machine comes on and tells you that since no one is answering the call is terminating!
Traffic and Driving Related  
  • People that pass by the line of cars waiting to turn and then force their way in near the front
  • People that drive hundreds of yards (sometimes further) in the turn lane, or emergency lane, to get to the turn or exit ahead of you
  • Drivers that are putting on make-up, carrying on a conversation with their hands, piddling with the radio, yelling at their kids in the back seat, etc. thus causing them to drive erratically
  • Those people that will not pull over or stop for a funeral possession, ambulance, fire truck, police or stop for a school bus
  • Police, directing traffic, that are causing more congestion instead of helping
  • People speeding on the expressway that get irritated with those cars that are doing the speed limit
  • Cars on the expressway, in the left lanes, not at least doing the speed limit
  • Individuals that cannot negotiate a 4 way stop
  • People that floor it when the light turns yellow
  • Folks that think a stop sign or light is a mere suggestion and should not be taken seriously
  • Having to wait when the light turns green, looking both ways several times before easing into the intersection, for fear of being t-boned by someone running the red light (Perimeter Mall area especially)
  • People that pull out in front of you, while you are pulling a trailer, because they donít want to get stuck behind you on the road (when in actuality, you would have gone faster than them)
  • People that come to almost a complete stop when making a right hand turn
  • Cars that pull out in front of you and then go seriously under the speed limit
  • Giant trucks that know you wonít hit them, so they just go (even if it makes you slam on your brakes or drive off the road)
  • People that canít seem to park their cars in a parking lot (between the lines people!)
  • People that park crooked (taking up two or more spaces), to protect their car, in a parking lot that is going to be completely full
  • People that park in the handicap spot because the vehicle has the sticker, but the handicapped person does not even get out and go in the establishment
  • Folks that drive around with their fog lights on (with no fog in sight)
  • Drivers that weave in a out of traffic, coming dangerously close to hitting other cars. You know, the ones you usually catch up to at the next red light
  • Traffic signals that are poorly or incorrectly timed/triggered